The art and SCIENCE of movement.

What is Sports Science?

Here at Lincoln Performance & Sports Medicine sports science improves athletic performance and helps prevent injury. Dr. Tyler Ideus’ blueprint includes:

  • Objective data collection
  • Movement and technique analysis
  • Solution planning and implementation

With some of the latest technology including force plates and 3-D motion capture, Dr. Tyler Ideus gathers objective data that he analyzes in the context of his leading movement evaluation and the goals of each athlete.

Armed with this information, his deep knowledge of leading rehabilitation therapies and a decade of experience, Dr. Ideus develops individualized plans to address athletes’ technique, strength, speed and endurance.

The Tech

Force Plates

Force plates measure the ground reaction forces generated by a body standing on or moving across them, to quantify balance, gait and other parameters of biomechanics.


  • Objective data collection for upper and lower extremities 
  • Track improvement 
  • Identify asymmetries 
  • Reduce the risk of future reoccurrence 
    Patient education

3-D Motion Capture

3-D motion capture software records movement to determine patterns and identify baselines.


  • Objective data collection to monitor treatment progress 
  • Balance testing 
  • Identify asymmetries 
  • Patient education 

The Blueprint

Dr. Ideus’ entire process is captured in what he calls the LPSM “Blueprint.” Check it out to understand the scope and depth of your experience at Lincoln Performance & Sports Medicine.

The Doctor

Learn more about Dr. Ideus, a former college basketball player, who has dedicated countless hours in the gym and in the classroom to help athletes reach their performance goals.