November 16 — Lincoln, NE — Lincoln Performance and Sports Medicine (LPSM) has implemented DARI Motion, a predictive motion capture system that provides extensive objective data for rehabilitation, work-related injuries and sports performance improvement.

LPSM is the only facility in the region to provide DARI to the general public. The system is the first FDA approved markerless motion capture system on the market.

“Using this level of 3-D motion capture was always the vision for this practice,” said Dr. Tyler Ideus, physical medicine specialist and owner of LPSM. “The wealth of objective data I’m able to collect is extremely deep, allowing me to amplify patient education, monitor progress and enhance my evaluation and treatment of patients and athletes. 

“In the vast majority of the U.S., you would have to be part of a Power 5 Division I school or a professional team to have access to what we are offering here at LPSM. We couldn’t be more excited to share this very unique process with Lincoln.”

Dr. Ideus — who has consulted on several performance-based cases using DARI prior to implementing the system in his office — leads patients through 19 movements in DARI’s standard functional movement analysis. Eight cameras gather several data points every second, and custom reports are generated in minutes.

In terms of rehabilitation and work-related injury cases, the numerical data DARI allows Dr. Ideus and the patient to see specifically whether or not treatment is progressing. For example, in terms of the lower back, Dr. Ideus will check to see if the back has gained range of motion (ROM) and recovered function from the initial stage to the end stage of rehab.

From a performance standpoint, Dr. Ideus collects pre-season baseline data and vulnerability scores, so he, the athlete, coaches and parents can track the improvement of skills such as vertical, rate of force production and functional patterns. Athletes can perform sports-specific movements — pitching, batting, throwing — to gathering metrics and glean even further insights. 

The DARI system provides specific details of what needs to be improved on and incorporated into a strength and conditioning program — ROM, strength, speed, rotation strength, rotational speed. 

In the unfortunate case that an injury does occur for an athlete, the saved baseline data can help ensure any rehabilitation conducted has allowed the athlete to reach pre-injury function.

With 10 years of clinical and international instructional experience, Dr. Ideus makes the DARI data actionable — translating the tables, charts and graphs into strength and conditioning programming, treatment modalities and functional exercises that increase joint stability, improve power and reduce pain.

“We are excited to work with Lincoln Performance and Sports Medicine to advance new standards in motion health and disrupt areas of health care where we continue to build upon our innovation leadership,” said Gordon Glade, CEO at DARI. “Given the high level of his expertise, we look forward to working with Dr. Ideus to improve the outcomes of his patients and athletes.”

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About Lincoln Performance & Sports Medicine
Lincoln Performance & Sports Medicine is a comprehensive physical medicine clinic treating and empowering occupational, novice and professional athletes to help them reach their movement goals. Led by Dr. Tyler Ideus, LPSM blends the best possible clinical movement evaluation and treatments with leading technology for data collection and analysis. Learn more at and @sportsmedlincoln.

About DARI Motion
Founded in 2015, DARI is the insight engine of human movement.  As the only FDA cleared markerless motion capture system, DARI Motion empowers people and organizations to improve performance, avoid injury and reduce unnecessary costs.  DARI has compiled the world’s largest biomechanical database with over 550 billion data points of human motion.  DARI Motion is the most broadly distributed human motion assessment solution with market penetration in healthcare, corporate wellness, elite athletics and performance facilities and the U.S. Military.  SAI has offices in Kansas City, KS and Minneapolis, MN.