The Art & Science of Movement

The highest level of human performance has always been the result of art + science. This is the heart of our vision. We blend the best possible coaching with leading data collection methods. This is a never-ending, forever pursuit, and we enjoy it.

We Believe.

“Health care” is helping people truly understand their issue at the root cause, how they got there and educating them about how to correct it.
The systems of the body can never be separated — one system affects all systems.
People have the ability to care for themselves through education and with minimal, short-term medical integration.

Launched In 2020!

We opened our permanent location at 14th & Pine Lake in Spring 2020. We are co-located with Kratos Performance & Fitness.

Curiosity . Dedication . Integrity . Collaboration

Our Purpose: To help others achieve what they have dedicated their lives to doing.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, former athlete, active mom, driven entrepreneur, dedicated caregiver — your purpose becomes our purpose when you enter our doors. We respect the abilities of the human body, and we work with you to enhance your performance whether that means going from in pain to out of pain or from feeling great to feeling phenomenal.

“Through our model of integrating with other health care professionals and keeping the patient at the center of our purpose, our patients don’t get ‘lost in the system.’

What I’ve seen happen to patients is they go to their primary care physician, they are referred to a specialist and then referred again and again. Before you know it, they are told seven different things from seven different people — they are confused, they don’t know who to listen to and they are still in pain.

Through this practice, I create or participate on a team of professionals who are knowledgable and committed and work together for the best possible outcome.”

— Dr. Tyler Ideus pictured left with Dr. Alex Aten right.